ASBESTOS INDIA is a pioneer in the business development, manufacture & marketing of Asbestos Industrial Products and Friction Materials in India for over 45 years.
Non Asbestos Products
Ceramic Items
Glass Fiber Rope
Non- Asbestos Gland Packings
Spiral Wound Gasket
Asbestos Textile Products
Asbestos Free Packing
Asbestos Cloth
Asbestos Lagging Rope
Asbestos Mill- Board
Asbestos Tape
Brake Lining
P.T.F.E. Ropes
Pure Graphite Braided Packing
PTFE Sheet
Flexible Graphite Products
Graphite Gland Packing Rings
Teflon Tape
Expanded PTFE Sheet
Compestos Sheets
Hydraulic Packings
Rubber Products
rubber matting
Vermiculite Coated Ceramic Cloth
Fire Blanket
Welding Blankets
New Items
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